I have been in the construction industry for 40 years. Chuck Newhouse Builders Ltd. was started in 1979 when I ventured out on my own.

CNB has specialized in custom home contracting and renovations. I have done a fair bit of my own design work on various projects. Over the years, the company has done a wide variety of projects from small renovations and repairs to $4 million dollar custom homes, and also some small commercial construction projects.

Recently I became interested in small homes and decided to design and build a micro home on wheels. The Nelson is my first design and I have ideas for future plans.

The Nelson is a luxury park model micro home. It has evolved into a beautiful small home with many great features to make it a wonderful place to live or vacation! The Nelson is being built at our shop in the Invermere Industrial Park and we have plans to put it on a property near Invermere and have it for rent as a vacation rental.